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    Twisted Sears Kmart PartsDirect Lands's End
    I noticed today that a click on one of my links to Land's End brought me to a Sears multimerchant site. They have tabs along the top for Sears, PartsDirect, Outlet, Kmart, the great indoors, and Lands' End.

    Each tab leaves to it's own site and domain. I'm afraid cookies are lost when people jump from Lands' End to Sears. In this case it looks like I wouldn't get credit for a sale at Sears even though we are an affiliate for both.

    Hopefully I missed the conversation on this and it's not the mess that it appears to be.

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    I don't see how Landsend on LS can carry your cookie to Sears on GAN... You're sending them free traffic if one of your visitors uses the tab. The thieves running the networks should have a code of best practices for their merchants and ask them to stop. But, like usual, they will be doing nothing.
    Best thing to do is to drop these merchants. 1800Flowers and their associated sites are doing the same.

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    I was accepted to Kmart but not to Sears [I applied to Kmart recently. I had applied to Sears a long time ago -- the declined date is 2003-12-01 -- 6 years ago -- but the clunky interface at G.A.N does not make it easy to re-apply if improvements have been made to one's site or if an affiliate has added additional sites]
    I noticed the tabs encouraging shoppers to jump over to a different store as well.
    In fact, when I was building my own links to products from Kmart, similar products located at Sears were in the mix of products I could build a direct link to -- if I build a link to a Sears product that was in my Kmart mix, do I still get the credit even though I was not accepted to Sears [when I applied a long time ago]?
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    Even all the Sears sites on GAN don't share the same cart. So, I doubt you'll be credited. On top of that during the checkout, you have a pop up window with:

    "How can i help you?
    Is there anything I can do... through a phone call?"

    At least, if you leave Land's End site for their other sites you have an other kind of pop up:

    "The site you are going to does not share your shopping bag.*
    You may wish to complete your purchase before you leave.
    Thank you for shopping"

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