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    Any information would be helpful.


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    forgot the code tag

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    Why would you need one?

    The size would be greater, it would take more CPU resources to process one, and it would be even harder to adjust to each specific merchant.

    You would have something like:
    <pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre">
    &lt;category name="Widgets"&gt;
    &lt;category name="Red Widgets"&gt;
    &lt;product-name&gt;Red Curly Widget on a Wooden Stick&lt;/product-name&gt;
    Now, what's the fun dealing with this, especially considering that every merchant would have his own DTD.

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    Why would you need one?
    Perhaps he means web services which is SOAP based. Now you are talking abut doing some very cool things.

    To my knowledge IAN and Amazon are the only two that offer web services. Allposters does have a feed in XML format.

    If you're just going to download a feed that's in XML and process it on your machine or insert it into mysql it's not that critical compared to a text datafeed.

    On the other hand it would force merchants to provide feeds in a consistent format so affilates wouldn't have to worry about CSV, "|" delimeters etc...

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    makes a good basis for a search box. your returned search results can be a whole page that doesn't exist on your server.

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    If the Big "O" decides to offer one, I would highly suggest asking to write a script for affiliates to use like their Amazon offering (see ).

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