SteveH@ebay responded *sort of* on the eBay discussion board regarding May tracking issues:


Just wanted to jump on the thread to address the concerns about ePN tracking and the link gen tool. Right now the affiliate program performance is tracking closely to the overall eBay site and we have not had any issues reported by top publishers, [] most of whom use link gen heavily as well. We're still doing some deeper dive analysis to follow up on some of the reports on the boards here but there are no indicators of any systemic issues outside of the ACRU issue on the 6th and 7th which was due to an error in some the source data which flows into the ePN systems. For that issues we've sent an email to all affiliates, the corrected source data has been delivered to us, and we are issuing a makegood to all affiliates who were affected.

We appreciate the you're watching your performance closely and are calling out any anomolies that you see. While the current macroeconomic environment adds some new variables to the situation, please check your performance against any historical seasonality to determine if that may be a contributing factor for your cases, and we'll continue our analysis to determine if there are any issues that may not be showing up in our program level metrics or for the affiliates we have looked at thus far."

--The main product I promote through ebay is not a "seasonal" item nor is it macroeconomically effected. Nice PR response though. Thankfully, there are other programs and networks to promote while they fix their issues.