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    iPhone Ext. Warranty or Insurance Anyone
    I don't normally mess with insurance or extended warranty but am considering it for the iPhone as it's a pretty big investment for me. We have another 10 months before we have to decide on the warranty.

    The ATT guy suggested insurance and said State Farm does that. My State Farm agent says no after checking with her underwriter.

    Anybody with thoughts on this?

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    I got the extended warranty on mine. And it was the best decision I have ever made. Twice I took my phone in to the apple store with issues. and both time they just handed me another phone. With out the warranty i would have had to send it in for repair.

    Side note. One of times was because my son had dropped it and the reset button was stuck down.... The other time it was black screening occasionally. there was a easy fix each time so it was really just an annoyance.

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