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    January 18th, 2005
    Has anyone ever exceeded their Blocked addresses?

    I can no longer add any more email address to the blocked list. I always block the server and not the addresses.

    If anyone else has this problem what did you do to resolve it?

    My Spam Blocker can no longer accept server address’ either. Damn SPAM.


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    SandraR they always use a throw away e-mail send address. Just trash all the oldest ones from the block list. I do the same when using

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    Thats what I thought thanks mike! I voted the last one! You are a mess


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    Like Mike, I too use MailWasher. It's a great program and I like it better than Outlook. I love being able to auto-bounce spam.

    FYI: is under re-construction. You can check out MailWasher at this URL:

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    Or ditch horrible Outlook Express and use Eudora instead which has a built-in spam filter (which maybe isn't as good as Spamcop, admittedly) and handles multiple email accounts easily. It's also much more secure and configurable.

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    Anybody here use K-9 for spam control? I set it up and now use it with both PocoMail and Eudora. (I can't afford the new version of Eudora, so I use K-9 with 5.1.)

    K-9 is terrific for "learning" what's spam. In 2 weeks, I got it trained so that it marks about 97 percent of the spam -- with less than 1 percent good mail accidently marked as spam. Then I simply filter all the mail K-9 marks spam so that it goes straight to a "Junk Mail" box in PocoMail or Eudora and delete that periodically.

    K-9 is free also. It lets you add "whitelist" and "blacklist" email addresses in addition to training the "Bayesian" filter.

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