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    Affiliate networks that support alternate/dynamic URLs?
    Does any affiliate networks support redirects to any page on merchant site?
    Say instead of forcing visitors to:
    affnet/?merchant=123&aff=456 -> merchant123/buy

    Affiliate could choose to do this:
    affnet/?merchant=123&aff=456&url=/article5 -> merchant123/article5

    I finding it beneficial to let affiliates to choose destinations on merchant site dynamically and so looking for affiliate networks and self-hosted software that support this.


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    That is usually referred to as "deep linking". If you search for that term on ABW, you'll find some relevant discussions.

    Here's one of the recent ones: ... Post #5 there is the one that addresses your question.

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    Ghoti, thank you very much.
    Apparently this is exactly what i was looking for and knowing the "official term" for that really helps.


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