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    Balanced Dieting
    The imbalance food (excess fat, sugar, alcohol), poor distribution of inputs during the day, an often inadequate supply of certain components (fiber, vitamins, minerals and trace elements) encourage the onset or worsening of diseases of greatest concern today: cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and perhaps certain types of cancers.
    Foods are classified into seven families, according to their nutritional similarities:
    1. Meat, fish, egg”: animal protein, iron, vitamin B.
    2. Milk and milk products”: animal protein, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B.
    3. Cereals and starchy “slow carbohydrates (starch), vegetable protein, fiber, vitamins B
    4. Fruits and Vegetables: minerals, vitamin C and fiber.
    5. Fats (butter, margarine, oil): lipids, vitamins A, D and E.
    6. Sugar products: sugar fast.
    7. Water.
    Take a real breakfast: fruit or fruit juice, bread or cereals, butter or jam, tea or coffee, milk or cheese, a good start for the day and avoid snacking in the morning. Do not make a habit of skipping a meal. It is bad for a balanced diet, difficult for the digestive system, and risky to maintain weight. Reduce the place of French fries, fatty meats, pastries, soft drinks and alcoholic, of snacking (chocolate bars, seeds aperitif, cakes), and not attend the “fast food” occasionally.
    Cook simply.
    - A flat of the family “meat, fish, egg” by day.
    - A dairy products every meal (milk kind or in preparation, cheese or yoghurt …).
    - A raw at every meal (raw vegetables, cheese, salad or fruit).
    - A dish of cooked vegetables per day (lunch or dinner, depending on the dinner).
    - A plate of starchy foods per day (lunch or dinner, depending lunch).
    - The bread at every meal.
    - Salt in moderation.
    - Water at will. Incidentally, and for fun, 1 to 2 glasses of wine at meals.
    - A little butter on toast for breakfast and cooked vegetables, and olive oil for cooking and seasoning, in moderate amounts.


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    Wow, that's awesome and healthy guidelines. I will surely follow this steps. Thanks

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    Thanks a lot for this post. I was really in need of some advice...

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    Balanced Dieting
    Thanks a lot for this information, I will surely follow these steps.

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    SPAM is really great for weight loss.
    Dyan Carlson
    ["My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness."- The Dalai Lama

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    Nice post.Balance diet should always be observe to have long and healthy lives. healthy diet +exercise will surely make a person physically fit.

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    Thank for this advice:

    I want to really really advice making actractive and balance our boby.

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