Great news!

Effective today, May 19, 2009 OnlyKidsHangers is running a Summer Cash Bonus offer that is SIZZLING HOT, are you interested?

As you may already know, OnlyKidsHangers prides itself on providing consumers with all types of Hangers and accessories for children of all ages. Whether it be for babies, young pre-teen children or teenagers, OnlyKidsHangers has it all. What OnlyKidsHangers also prides itself on is the commitment it has to the affiliate channel and the many affiliate partners it has supporting the growth of the program, thats why we are offering you a Summer Cash Bonus offer we think you might be interested in!

Summer Cash Bonus Offer

We would like to get the Summer fun kick started by offering you Cash, that's why effective today, May 19,2009, I would like to offer you a $10.00 cash bonus for every sale you generate over $100.00 up to a $1,000 in total sales and to make it even more SIZZLING HOT, I would like to offer you an extra $100.00 in cash when you hit $1,000 in total sales, that's up to $200.00 in cash for generating your 1st-$1,000 in sales, sound good?

Don't wait too long, this offer is going to run out on July 1, 2009, so get your sales motor running and take advantage of this offer now!


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