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    I see that in here some merchants have data feeds on their websites for us to download. But how do we use them?

    Aren't we supposed to download the data feed from the respective affiliate programs they belong to so we can get the feed with the tracking code?

    Sorry for all the questions


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    Check out the datafeed forum.

    This thread will answer most of your questions. I'm new to datafeeds myself and have been trying to learn how to use them. Good luck.

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    far far away....
    do yourselves a favor...

    go to Cusimano Scripts forum...

    Dave offers several datafeed scripts for free...

    you sign up under him in the affiliate programs
    he give you a free script the create your pages with
    the associated datafeed.

    CDitty offers a free script for the datafeed
    same requirement.. signup under Chris.

    the third option is to buy one of cdittys scripts his offers 14 bor 15 at last count... see the forum for more info...

    all of these scripts require hosting account that will run and host these scripts and the page they create... as well as a domain name for each hosting account.

    several require hosting account with 500mb of disk space...

    I just created a bettym site that used up 650mg of disk space because of the templates I used.

    the above mentioned sripts do not require any programming skills... just the ability to follow instructions....

    best of success...


    And, that's the bottom line because it's my2cents!

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