Hello Everyone;

By popular demand, the Nutrisystem offer has safely arrived on the buy.at portal. I am sure we have all seen the commercials on TV everywhere so I am not going to bore you with who is Nutrisystem speech. What I can say is that you will be promoting a strong brand name offer that basically sells itself. Ideally sites with weight loss, diet, exercise, men’s and women’s lifestyle contents would be a great fit but coupon and retail sites have done very well with this offer.

Offer Details

Payout: Earn $40 per sale of product
Cookie Length: 45 days
Methods of Promotion: Banners, Text, email (limited), *PPC (with restrictions).
Landing Page: Click Here .

How to sign up
You can start cashing in by clicking on this LINK to sign up for the buy.at network. Already a buy.at partner? Simply log into your account and join today!

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