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    Merchants not showing up in Pop Shops
    This may be a silly question, but is there a reason why some merchants do not show up in PopShops when searched? There are a few merchants who have perfect product matches for one of my sites and I part of their programs, but when I search PopShops for their specific terms I can't find them.


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    Based on my experience as a customer of PopShops, here are some reasons certain merchants are not included in PopShops:

    (1) The merchant has not approved PopShops as an affiliate (perhaps not understanding what PopShops does).

    (2) The merchant has not approved PopShops for ftp access to their SAS datafeed. (There are many dozens of merchants who consistently ignore all FTP access requests.)

    (3) The merchant's datafeed is known to be outdated, inaccurate, or otherwise problematic.

    (4) The merchant is frequently "offline" or "deactivated" within the network.

    (5) The merchant doesn't offer a datafeed through one of the major networks that PopShops draws from. (Some merchants offer no datafeed; a few offer a datafeed through only one affiliate-marketing network or channel but not others.)

    Last year, I sent emails to several hundred ShareASale merchants, informing them that I was creating sites that relied on PopShops for product feeds, and urging them to cooperate with PopShops to make their datafeeds accessible there. Several dozen merchants responded. If you email your merchant's affiliate manager, they might follow up.

    Although I plan to "phase out" my use of PopShops this summer, transitioning instead to my own datafeed/database solution, I would still urge any serious merchant to work with PopShops because it's a very useful service for affiliates (and of course it costs the merchant nothing).

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    Search is performed on the title of the items, not the keywords or contents of the description field.
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    Hey KD,

    We have an FAQ on the subject: Which merchants are in PopShops?, but I may have to augment it with Mark's very thorough notes. (Thanks Mark!)

    However, your use of the phrase "when searched" makes me wonder if perhaps you're using the search by keyword box in ShopBuilder to try to find the merchants in question. In that case, we might have the merchant on PopShops, but you won't find it because the keyword search box only looks at product names and brand names (when present). If you want to search for a merchant name, use your browser's CTRL-F (i.e., "find") feature...or just scroll down to it.

    You can also check to see if they're listed here:


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