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    Anyone found a way to implement an affilliate type search function on a blog?
    I've noticed that my traffic will sometimes search my blog for specific products that my affiliates may have. Of course, it only searches the content of my blog and nothing beyond Any way to get this going across the places I advertise for?

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    Not unless you have their datafeeds loaded to your site. Blog and site searches just search your own site. Some merchants have search boxes, but it would only be for one merchant. I do think Popshops *might* have something that searches multiple merchants.
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    I know a way to do this with eBay, if you're an affiliate with the eBay Partners Network, and if you use the phpBay Pro plugin with WordPress for your EPN affiliate site. I have several such sites, with visitors able to search directly on eBay, get the results displayed on my blog/website, and get a cookie set if they click through an eBay auction displayed there.

    But that's pretty specialized.

    As loxly said, PopShops, with a couple of their more advanced accounts, lets you set up a site with "search" functions that go through any of the merchant shops you have on your site. I had that level of account for awhile, but never did much with it.

    You should check out PopShops, both their forum here and their account information on their website. They even have a thread in their forum here discussing how to build a dynamic, search-generated PopShops website.
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    If you have a search engine using another script on your website, you could add your search box anywhere in your wp theme files so visitors search that instead of your blog posts. You could make it look like part of your blog by using the same page layout for your blog and search/display script. (use the same css, header, and footer files with minor modifications)
    I never integrated the search for both blog and products so I have two search options on my sites.
    by "my affiliates" I assume you mean affiliate programs that YOU are an affiliate of.

    Needed skills: HTML, CSS, PHP, mysql, basic page layout understanding

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    You can create your own database with a spreadsheet saved as a tab-delimited text file. Then create a Mysql table with this and search with a php/mysql script. It takes some programming and work to create the database.
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    Sign Up For Click Bank Adspro And They Will Give You A Search Box Along With Other Promotional Material

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