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    Serves them right for not paying their affiliates
    Those of you who have been in affiliate marketing for a long time (and were in the collectibles niche) remember gocollect. They were a major player in affiliate marketing for a while. Anyway, in the end, the closed their in house affiliate program to move to performics and stiffed their affiliates in the transition. Then it turned out they didn't pay performics either for the last months and thus stiffed thier affiliates again. Well, I just got an email from boydesbear that told me that gocollect is no more and they were emailing me b/c they got gocollects mailing list.

    Let this be a lesson to all those merchants out there that stiff their affiliates when they decide to take down their program, that type of lack of integrity means its only a matter of time before you will fail.
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    Tempting to call this bad karma

    It's more like bad business practice really and thus, you're right, it leads in one direction only...

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    O wow.

    I used to do some consulting for them. A looong time ago.

    I thought they would be a survivor. I guess this slowdown finally got them.

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    It's a long, long time since I did business with them.. but they used to be a good outfit to do business with. It's a shame it all went so wrong.
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    stiffing a business partner or customer for that matter sounds like horrible business practice to me

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    Actually I got all my payments from gocollect on time. My average check was $400 for a few months, and Lauren (or Laura) called me several times and told me I was one of their best performing affiliates (which made me wonder how much others were making)
    But then everything slowly went down, and I never followed them to Performics. Looong time ago.

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