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    My husband has a ton of comic books that he has been selling on ebay and also gets feedback from newsgroups and forums and such. The groups are helping, but there are so many he now posts too and it is a pain. Is there a way he can automatically post to various newsgroups/discussion forums such as yahoo and ezboards? The stuff is in an access table and he would like to hit a button so then a record will just appear in one of these forums as a post, rather than have to go to each forum? This sounds too good to be true. It is not spamming, these groups allow the comic book marketing and such..

    Thanks in advance

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    Most boards don't like auto-submission. Thats why they require you to "join" - to head off auto-submission at the pass, so to speak.

    The programs are out there - I had to delete my "guest" postings area on my forum for that reason - as I was getting slammed by these auto-posting bots - which usually dropped in a meaningless message followed by a link to some "get rich quick" website.

    If you use one of these, be prepared for some of the consequences.


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