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Program Highlights:
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Commission duration 60 Days
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C&C California was created by two young women who grew up on the beaches of Southern California during the 1970's. Their mutual love for the styles, colors and comfort of that decade continued to evoke and inspire them. Inspired from the cultural icons of that era that included Ali McGraw, Raquel Welch, Natalie Wood and Jacqueline Kennedy, the concept was dedicated to making The Perfect Tee Shirt.

The collection would embody the classic 70's "California Chic", be easy, comfortable and wearable. It would exude a refined sexiness, be laid back, cool and have a sophisticated hip appeal. The line would offer the perfect pieces to be worn at almost any occasion, from shopping in the day to cocktails at sunset.

The fabric was designed to be lightweight, butter soft and ideal for layering. It was made from 100% cotton to ensure classic comfort and sophistication. Colors are chosen to reflect the 70's vivid surf and beach scene along with rainbow colored hues that are seen at vibrant sunsets at the beach. One of the most important aspects of the collection is that every style and every color is created to layer and mix perfectly with one another. Each piece offers a different combination.

C&C California has expanded into new areas from its beginning. The range now offers luxe sweaters, dresses, bottoms, active inspired sportswear, prints and patterns, organic fabrics, loungewear, organic fabrics, children's and men's.


Contact: allison[at]