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    Folder Creation
    I need to create folders such as domain/(database field)/index.htm
    I understand that Web Merge cannot do this but interested to find out if anyone knows a way to easily convert filename.htm to a folder ?

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    I create a spreadsheet with a new column that has the folder name, and then Webmerge creates the pages based on that name
    so the new column would have /foldername/index.html

    the / makes it so that a new folder is created

    so /products/gifts/productname would create the pages in a folder called products, and then a folder called gifts within the products folder

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    From the WebMerge Help sections on Index Pages and Detail Pages:

    Creating Subfolders
    If the field you specify for the file name contains a standard UNIX folder name (separated by "/") before the file name (e.g., "myfolder/filename") it will create the specified subfolder as it creates the file. These can even be several levels deep if you like, using something like this:


    That data will generate a file named "page001.html" inside of a folder named "another folder", inside of a folder named "subfolder".
    Richard Gaskin
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    Thank you very Much
    Will try

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