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    I have a client that is going to have us manage their affiliate program. We will be providing data feed stores to affiliates, recruiting, support and reporting.

    Not having done this before I would like to know what is the compensation to ask for.

    Do you charge monthly, percentage of sales by affiliates, setup, bonuses?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Welcome BuiltSmarter

    The joy of attempting to make so many affiliates happy campers is all I need to inspire me to continue the AM work I do for BDS.

    I addition to monetary compensation I was able to negotiate the following:

    Limo service to and from my office.
    A satellite phone for when I'm on safari.
    An autographed picture of Andy and a dead CAT shot in Florida.
    10 pounds of M&M's a month with all the brown ones removed.
    GoogleGuys direct phone number.
    Free Email

    PM me and we can TALK STORY cause it all depends........

    Big Daddy Smokes
    Real American Tobacco
    FAST Shipping
    Residual Income
    Lifetime Accounts

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    far far away....

    And, that's the bottom line because it's my2cents!

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    Adam Ward

    freedom, it's not freedom till you build a business model where you can leave and the commissions will still be there. :0).

    Merchants! As long as you are partnered with <a href=""target="_blank">parasiteware<a> you will not be listed on my site.

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    Shoulda held out for more cats and more M&M's!

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    What happened to the brown M&M's I wonder? Hmmmm ... maybe that's what the Google guy phone number means.

    Ray Thomas CEO
    Development Resource & Javascript Public Archive Center
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    Hey build smarter.

    While I think M&Ms are great commensation, they don't pay the rent (but at least you wont be hungry)

    Better place to post your question is



    Providing you tools to earn more cash!

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