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    Need opinions on AdSense alternatives
    Hello everybody,
    As I'm looking for AdSense alternatives I came across a multitude of networks and options to monetize ad inventory.
    I am a bit confused. So I'd appreciate honest opinions on networks paying CPC or CPM I selected and listed below -- provided they accept non-US based publishers.

    - Revenue Pilot
    - Clicksor (it also seems offer CPM)
    - Adbrite (it also offers CPM)
    - Kanoodle (found very poor website, with no publishers FAQ ...)
    - Kontera
    - ADSDAQ marketplace
    - Bidvertiser (in the FAQ I like how they highlight differences with AdSense "...the price-per-click you get in Bidvertiser is based on the quality and popularity of your website ")
    - Adhere (
    - Burst Network
    - Vibrant Media

    Could anybody offer her/his opinion on some of networks I listed?

    Also I'd like know if anybody has had any experience in selling ad space directly to advertisers -- that are not local companies -- and the best practice to do it when you run a small-medium size site (e.g. registering to Ad marketplaces, contacting directly companies etc..)

    Thanks for your help

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    More Companys to look at :

    Valueclick - I use them for a long long time ...
    OpA! Giasou Ti kanies!

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    Vinny O'Hare - OPM - Contact Info email: vinny at ~ 702-582-6742 Twitter

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    Here's the order for me over the years from best to worst...

    Private Advertising where people approach me and we do a PayPal deal.
    Adbrite (used to be better than Chitika but got so bad that I stopped using it.)

    I just started using PubCenter and I think it's going to be better than Adsense once I get the CTR up on it. They pay a good amount per click but the ad inventory isn't as big and doesn't have the historical data that G has to serve the best ad in a space.

    This is just my results YMMV

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    Valueclick - I use them for a long long time ...
    Magi, I assume you are satisfied with your Valueclick revenues. Is it better than AdSense ? -- provided you have had any experience with AdS --.

    DressesByDaisy, I know YPN and PubCenter are for U.S. publishers only, at this time.
    Second ranked in your list is "Private Advertising where people approach me and we do a PayPal deal". Do you happen to approach directly advertisers? If yes, it would be interesting if you could share your experience over it.


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    If you don't mind sharing -

    How many page views are you getting a day?

    That will have a direct impact.

    Have you optomized your adsense?

    Adsense just works for me.

    I have 3 companies that have been with me for years and have dropped the others due to too much trouble getting paid. Just a hassle, and Goog pays like clockwork.

    My 2 cents.

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    I am globally satisfied with AdSense with most of my websites.

    Just with one of them Adsense is performing poorly.
    This website has averaged around 300,000 page views per month over the last year -- and it is experiencing a significant surge in visits and page views recently.

    So I wonder if any affiliate networks paying CPM could fit it better.

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