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    Good Question For the Mods of the House...
    Here it is...
    Is it ok to share free plug ins for wp that are just amazing? I wouldn't post the url in total just the name w/out the ht tp: // and dot com.
    I did NOT want to come across as spam or affiliate linking just really awesome groovyyyy things that maybe someone here is looking for and doesn't know they exist.
    I hope this question is ok. Thank you for answering.

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    I'd like to see them.

    The ones I have are boring and useless!

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    was that a yes? I found 2 that are just so cool.... one of them allows your customers to enter there cell phone and allows you to txt them updates or sales.
    And the other one is one that lets your customers email your site to a friend...
    this is new to me and would like to share em...

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    A link isn't really necessary, the plugin name would suffice. If a link is needed due to it being a new plugin then make sure it doesn't become an active link and remove any affiliate tracking codes.

    (btw, I'm not a mod, but didn't know if there'd be one by soon)
    Someday starts today
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    What knight01 said

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