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    Welcome to the WebMerge forum on ABW.

    This WebMerge forum is provided primarily as a user-to-user support forum. We have a lot of very smart and helpful folks using WebMerge, so this is a good place to learn how to get the most out of the product.

    I drop in here are often as possible, but if you encounter a bug or any other issue that needs my attention please contact me via email instead:

    If you have a time-sensitive issue you're welcome to call toll-free within the US: 800-288-5825. International callers can call 323-225-3717, or email to set up a time to talk via Skype or AIM.

    When submitting any report that deals with any aspect of how WebMerge generates pages, please include as an attachment:
    - the WebMerge settings file
    - any template files used
    - a portion of your source export file or feed less than 2MB in size

    If for some reason you must send a feed that's larger, please write me first and I'll send you a URL where you can post larger files.

    While WebMerge will let you run any number of settings files in a batch, it can help me get a solution to you faster if you send only the settings file and related templates which exhibit the problem you're reporting. Sending every file in your setup can take hours to wade through just to get to the problem, hours you and I would both rather have me spend making new features for you.

    We're happy to provide quick service and free features in between major releases. Taking a few minutes to help isolate the issue you're experiencing, and sending a complete set up files via email, will help ensure we can continue doing so.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, and welcome aboard!
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