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    Hello -

    I am assuming that in order to test different sites for BHO popups, it is necessary to load up on all the scumware possible on your computer and see what pops up on the sites, and check for cookie overwriting etc. I am going to do some testing on some things to find out what is going on.

    So - WhenU , Gator will be installed for sure, what are the other big BHO players that I'll need to install and where can I get them?

    Trying to get a feel for how bad it is...



    So many ways to make a buck, so little time...

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    have at em...adventurous one or try and / and be prepared to re-format your hard drive if you go for the whole anchiloda

    Mike & Charlie ...

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    Thanks Mike -

    "Danger" is my middlename.

    I'll post some results soon. After a year of hard work building sites after I get home from my day job - staying up till the wee hours - I want to find out more about the dark side, and see if there is protection for all of us legitimate Affiliates.

    I fully believe it is a matter of time until cookie overwriting using a variety of methods (whether it is affiliates overwriting cookies, or BHO's overwriting cookies) will stop.

    Technology will catch up to these methods and stop them - cookies are getting more important, and I believe changes will happen at the OS/Software level to prevent them from being changed without a direct action from the user. I also believe that eventual changes in the OS will make it more difficult to have BHO's installed on (especially unsuspecting) consumers computers.

    For now, I'll jump in the fight, for what its worth. I am proud of the sites I have made, and the effort I have put into this has paid off up to now, and i want to make sure that I can continue the success. Having a side business that pays the mortgage is too sweet.



    So many ways to make a buck, so little time...

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