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    I have been reading some of the threads and I am getting an impression that affiliates like merchants that are exclusive with SAS. Is this true and if so, why?

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    A lot of affiliates prefer Shareasale. When a merchant has an affiliate program in other networks, there is a fear that the commissions will not go to the correct affiliate.

    Affiliate A with Shareasale gets the visitor to the merchant site, then affiliate B who is with CJ (or whatever network that is not clean) comes along and 'steals' the commission.

    This should never happen if a merchant is only in Shareasale.

    There are potential tracking issues as well when a merchant has several different networks

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    Most of what I do is with SAS and a few AvantLink merchants. Those two networks, and especially SAS, simply have the merchants that work well with me.

    And most importantly, I've been treated well and paid promptly with SAS merchants. Plus all the reasons Julian stated influence my decisions, too, when I try a merchant.

    EDITED TO ADD: And, of course, SAS has Carolyn Tang and no one else does.
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