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    When a company forfeits an affiliates commission, for any reason ranging from spam to cookie overwriting. Where does that commission go? Is it given to charity? Does the affiliate manager pocket it? Also given the fact that the commission was generated via an affiliate link, where do you think it should go?

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    Usually, in the big 3 ... back to the merchant - the sales or leads are invalidated so no one makes a dime or otherwise.

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    All bad money should go to me so I can funnel it into my spending box!

    Any merchants in need of a spot to place bad affiliate funds please contact me immediately so I can handle the funds in my appropriate manner.

    I promise to dispense of funds in an appropriate manner, which I deem to my advantage.


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    What SandraR said. But send the funds to ME!

    Seriously now, they go back to the merchant and that's where I think they should go. Nothing good can come from giving other parties any motivation/benefit to cause reversals--it'd add too much incentive for fraudulent reversals if networks or some other party could profit from the reversals, as well!

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    far far away....
    NO NO...

    Send those funds to my favorite charity...

    The Church of JOE!

    So i can better spred the gospel according to JOE!


    And, that's the bottom line because it's my2cents!

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