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    January 17th, 2005
    For merchants. is it better for them to join the top 4 programs or better to focus on one.


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    More than one program tends to cause awful tracking problems. Stick with just one.

    "All your commission are belong to us." - Slimeware Corporation

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    I would think that from a merchants perspective running a program on at least 2 networks would be a good idea.

    Adding their program on a parasite free network with consolidated payments might capture the group of affiliate marketers that are members here at ABW with ANTI PARASITE sigs.

    Mike Mackin

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    Silly goose... there is only one network to consider...


    why are you having such a hard time understanding this...

    any non-performance issues of your programs is the because you do not offer a program that is of interest to anyone...

    just because you join all 4 major networks does not me anything...

    especially SALES!

    for every 100 that sign up for an affiliate program only 2 or 3 actually make any real sales.. to justify the costs associated with running an affiliate program...


    And, that's the bottom line because it's my2cents!

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    So if you have 12 banks in your area, do you sign up for accounts at all 12 banks? Or do you research them and get an account at the one that best meets your needs?

    Michael Coley

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