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    Payment Notification e-mail
    I find the Google Affiliate Network (PAYMENT NOTIFICATION) e-mail to be pretty useful, with one big exception. This e-mail lists the invoice number which includes the actual financial account that is making the payment to GAN. I have a hard time connecting the dots between the merchant program that I'm participating in and the company writing the checks... For instance...

    BOISE OFFI <-- I think this is OfficeMax, but only after googling...
    TORREYCO <-- I know this is Torrey Commerce, but what program are they managing?

    etc, etc...

    Please fix. Either change the invoice number to include the program name or add another column. Better yet, provide a web UI to get this information. I believe the Accounting report shows invoices that have been sent, this needs to be expanded upon and show invoices that have been paid (and when).
    Merchants, any data you provide to Google Shopping should also be in your affiliate network datafeed. More data means more sales!

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    We are working on improvements in this area. Thanks for the feedback!

    In the meantime, the advertiser KID is included in at the end of the name. You can locate the merchant within the interface by their ID or let me know who you need help with. Boise is Office Max. Torrey manages a few programs.



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