Hi gang.

wanted to find out who here has sites that deal with pharmacy, stuff like no prescription needed pills similar to what Brian the chef promotes myrxforless and rxmedical network.

I am putting together my first pharmacy site, I have gone with Brians myrxforless and may add in rxmedical network, yet i have seen others out there pay more like $20 a order plus 10% not just 10%, and fact of the matter is, it requires the same amount of effort to create a site and promote it, for more money as it does for less, so what doyou think?
I would love to hear your recommendations., and your cautions, and love to hear from others who have stuck just with myrxforless.com through brian and have succeeded, so far I cant track anyone down whos still promoting there site with myrxforless.com and making money, most sites are stagnant?