Today I was wondering why my sales for a product from (Herbal Supplements) were decreasing while my traffic was going up.
It could be for many reasons, bad economy, end of month... but I decided to check the cart anyway and to place an order.
Surprise, surprise...
Once the product is in the shopping cart, you can't go further without checking your shipping charge. (Herbspro still has a shipping charge)
Shipping & Handling Charges: Enter zip code
What do you see above this line: A banner with This order qualifies for $10 Cash Back. Rebate courtesy of click for details. A banner with bold red letters.

If you need to know more about these thieves and scammers at read this thread: Are you loosing your sales because of

If it's not enough, under the shipping charge, you have a huge banner trying to lure you for a gift at

giftscircle Genessee Tech LLC Prasad Adavikolanu
Universal Herbs Inc. Prasad Adavikolanu

Same owner trying to steal your affiliate traffic for an other one of his sites.

I wonder how a customer can go all the way to place an order without being diverted. Let's speak of cart abandonment...
Now, if you're an affiliate of Herbspro and still have sales, congrats!!!
By the way, Herbspro has several affiliate programs including Shareasale and GAN.