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    As I've seen suggested by seasoned veterans on this thread, I am "Reading, Reading, Reading" and researching everything I can about Affiliate Marketing.
    I am not under any illusion that anything worthwhile can be achieved without
    considerable time, effort and dedication. I other words WORK! As I search through the myriad reams of information available on this subject, I have come across many very helpful articles and "tutorials" that offer alot of good general info, but as I've discovered, it all eventually leads to the pitch for "an incontrovertable, comprehensive, how to book" For Sale, on the subject. I am very dubious about spending any money yet, especially from the source of this otherwise good source of information. I think that angle is very clever and someday I might wish to emulate it. But I really wish I could find material that's recommended by the objective consensus just for the sake of helping a fledging newbie out. Thank you.

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    I suggest that you search and read on this forum rather than general internet. You will not find sales pitches here for "how to do books" .......most likely just the opposite.
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    Many years ago when I first started to learn about affilite marketing I picked up some good info at They have about 15 free downloadable ebooks. (DON'T buy anything) Books are interesting reads.

    And of course ABW is an invaluable source for info and asking questions.
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    I too am a "newbie" and know exactly how you feel. Let me share this with you.

    I have found what I believe to be an outstanding product for training you on how to create a very viable and robust marketing website. No fluff or techy stuff. Just proven "push the button and it works" without all of the background on they why. Had I known about this training video series in early April of this year, I would have save myself about 40 days including very long hours each day of research, trial and error, and frustration.

    We can not post links so I will share the link with you via email in my profile.

    Please note: There is a affiliate program attached to this training; I am not an affiliate, although something to consider in the future, so I derive NOcompensation or financial benefit from sharing it with you.

    This is a 43 video training program with an accompanying free ebook. The investment is $37. I am on a very tight budget and have found this training very valuable above and beyond the $37.

    Best of luck and enjoy the learning experience.
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    Jeremy Palmer's ebook is still free and quite comprehensive for the newbie:
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    Regarding supplemental information on my previous post.

    The creator of "Create Your First Website by 3:45 This Afternoon," is Chris Ferrall in Beverly Hills, CA. He's from London and has an awesome accent and verbal delivery of the information. You can Google him for the link.

    Well worth the time and minimum financial investment.

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    welcome, good source and good reading...good luck.

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    Your affiliate success will not come from the directions of a single book. Many different elements come together to create affiliate success [and it can take time].
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