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    2 conditions in 1 WM tag
    I want to check 2 places at my database when i'm using WM

    I want to check 1 field to use equals and another field to check "not equals"


    [WM-If: Field: XXX = aaa AND Field:YYY <> = bbb]
    Compile here

    if XXX field is aaa AND YYY field is bbb, then do the condition.

    How can we do this statement in Webmerge?

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    April 20th, 2009
    sorry,at the end i wrote wrong

    it should be

    if XXX field is aaa AND YYY field is not bbb, then do the condition.

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    Use parentheses to denote each condition, as in this example from the WebMerge Help page on the WM-If tag:

    [WM-If: (Field: Age < 18) OR (Field: Age > 65)]
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