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    Thumbs down trafficneeds - 50% fraud
    trafficneeds dot com - pay only 50% of earnings.
    I have not received 1300$ for 2008. Why?
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    The Call is coming from Inside the House!
    Great Story. Umm maybe a little more background...

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    i donn;t understand

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    yeah , they are a bad scammer ,
    they owe me more than $1400 for more than 10 months now.

    i`m an international affiliate so it cost me a lot of money as a telephone bills when i tried to contact them by phone and what`s make you mad is that all the company employers answer you but for no use because all of the financial things is handling by Gomin Beyer and refer you to him.

    of course you will call and call and leave msg's and please him to reply to you but for no use.

    also i would like to mention that they have a forum in their network but if you try to submit a topic asking about your payment so it will deleted at once with out any reply.

    after all of that , what you can call them?

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