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    Using Video on Niche Sites?
    Hey there. Just wondering about your experience using video when selling on your niche sites. I realize there are some decent solutions for this as well as some that are kind of weak, troublesome or too expensive. But if you are using it, how is it working for you?

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    well as you said using video in niche sites is very expensive but you can try alternative ways such veoh,youtube etc to promote you products or something with the right keyword and guess what no cost at all

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    Being a video company, our affiliates definitely should use video to promote our products, which are very niche-oriented.

    Ask your affiliate manager if they have videos you can use. They should!

    Typically, they use YouTube or the videos that we provide for them, hosted on our site. Also, ShareASale has a great section for affiliates to grab videos from their merchants.
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    If you're a ShareASale affiliate, you can actually upload your own video (or use videos provided by our merchants, there are a bunch of good ones).

    If you upload your own video, let's say it's a review of multiple products from multiple merchants, you can actually add relevant, trackable links and tie those to cue points on your timeline... We've created a non-branded player that goes right on your site with just a couple of clicks.

    It's pretty snazzy, just login and click "Make A Video" there's a tutorial right there too, but it's pretty intuitive
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