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    Hello everyone,

    I'm kind of new to this board and to affiliate programs. I started putting a lot of time and effort into making websites towards the end of last november, and it's paid off a lot. I'm not making much yet, but I'm learning so much and watching my websites go up in rankings and I'm starting to get some decent traffic on one.

    Well, now I've decided to try affilitate programs, and I'm hoping you guys could help me with a couple of questions. I had one guy in another forum go off on me about how I needed to leave this up to the pros if I'm not going to spend the time doing this. I've been spending tons of time, so please don't yell at me for asking some questions (all of this takes so much time that if I can get answers by asking, why spend hours finding).

    Anyway, I was just hoping for some good resources for starting out. I've started a site and have placed direct links to items and all. I'm just hoping for some design techniques and maybe some numbers. Like what are good conversion percentages and things like that.

    Sorry this was so long-winded (with some of it unnecessary info), but I've been reading these boards for a little while and figured it's time for me to start rambling a bit.

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    bpal welcome to abw.

    quote: had one guy in another forum go off on me about how I needed to leave this up to the pros if I'm not going to spend the time doing this

    Don't listen to tht guy. Being new to this industry you will go though frustrations, I have went though a lot of frustrations, but I'm still here making pages. The trick is to make pages. if your talking about % for or another one. it depends how much work you put into it. some networks I have a 5% some I have above 11%. If you can try to get your % up as high as possible, that's where the money is.. the trick in order to do that is spend time reading over this forum and spend time making webpages. if you have the time, spend 8 hours a day making pages. (well quality pages) that's what I have been doing the last week, is I'm trying to spend less time at abw right now and get pages up. (quality pages) You will go though obsticles but don't let anyone put you down! I see the $ coming in... I'm just hoping this month will be better, very slow. but I'm still here making pages to get my % up. Okay hope that is a good beginning, good luck with your business!

    freedom, it's not freedom till you build a business model where you can leave and the commissions will still be there. :0).

    Merchants! As long as you are partnered with <a href=""target="_blank">parasiteware<a> you will not be listed on my site.

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    welcome bpal,

    ditto to what Jason says...

    Just read all you can here at ABW, drill down into the old posts, ask a lot of questions...

    dont worry if you ask a question and get rebuffed... that happens...

    Just decide what niche you want to market in and build you website around that niche...

    Dont worry about having only one website...
    over time you will grow... to owning many websites...

    I personally have many, most are only a few pages... but that is what works for me...

    just remember in affiliate marketing it doesnt matter who finishes first... you just need to cross finish line to win!

    And, that's the bottom line because it's my2cents!

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    Welcome to ABW bpal. The people here are extremely helpful. Take some time and read the old posts and you'll probably find answers to a lot of your questions.

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    wow jason 5%??

    I'm happy if I can convert 1% of my traffic and I thought this was the norm?

    Jack Mitchell

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