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    AvantLink Trademark Bidding Policy
    I read over this recent thread seeking consensus on how the Affiliate marketing industry/networks should handle the issue of Trademark Bidding by Affiliates. I thought it was a good discussion, and I was tempted to jump in there, but I did not want to derail the I decided to write an article on our blog to bring more attention to the issue, and how we handle it.

    From our perspective (and experience) the only fair way to handle this is to prohibit the practice by default because the strong majority of merchants do not want it happening. Merchants can have an unrestricted PPC policy but they have to specify that in their program terms, not the other way around (requiring merchants to specify it's not allowed).

    If this topic interests you check the article, and discuss...
    Of course in the end itís up to merchants whether or not they want to blow open their paid search policy for Affiliates. But the default policy in AvantLink prohibits trademark bidding, unless the merchant makes the exception and includes program terms that clearly state this is permitted. To handle it in reverse (requiring merchants to state a policy that prohibits trademark bidding) does not seem appropriate considering the full context of the issue.
    Trademark & Merchant Name PPC Bidding

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    I endorse this post.

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    As a new AvantLink merchant, I have been very pleased with the responses I have gotten from AvantLink regarding some questions I have had regarding PPC policy. As far as I'm concerned, AvantLink's approach to PPC is very fair and seems to work well for both merchants and affiliates.

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