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    Adding New Sites To CJ
    A few quick questions.

    1. Do we have to register every site we operate with CJ in order to put links for CJ Merchants on our sites?

    Example: If I have 25 sites, do I have to register (add) all 25 sites on my CJ account in order to "legally" put links and get commission on those sites?

    So, say I have 30 sites, but only register (add) 20 of those sites to my CJ account. I 'can' or 'can not' put CJ Merchant links on the other 10 sites? Would I need to register (add) the other 10 sites before I put links on?

    2. If the answer to Question #1 is "YES", how many sites can you register (add) to your CJ account?

    Example: If I have 200 sites, can they all be added or does CJ have a limit on the number of sites we can register?

    By the way, I do not have 200 sites. LOL!

    I have 300. LOL! Just kidding!

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    You don't have to enter all your sites, either technically or even according to CJ's terms. It is possible that a particular merchant may require this in their agreement, but I've never seen that.

    If I remember correctly, http referer data is made available to merchants, so you're certainly not hiding anything by omitting your sites. Not that this is your goal, just saying -- they can see where the traffic is coming from even if you don't declare the sites.

    There are reasons why you might want to enter in at least some of your sites. It is useful to be able to view reports by site. It also may help advertisers review your application. If the one site that you have in the CJ has nothing to do with a program you're applying to, they may reject you.

    I don't think there's any limit to the number of sites you can add.

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    I always thought that you had to add the new site that the merchants links were to go on otherwise it could be counted as a invalid link, and you risk the possiblity of any sales you make being reversed because the merchant doesn't have access to your sites and might review you later and find out that the majority of your sales has come from a questionable site? Am I wrong?

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    Some networks have policies, and even technical requirements, that links match their referring url or they will not track. I learned this the hard way (I think it was LinkConnector). CJ isn't one of them -- their links will track no matter where they are served from.

    I've never seen any terms or practice from CJ where they will crack down on you if you simply serve up links from one site that's designated as another in the CJ interface. I actually do this fairly often by accident. They just don't get worked up about that in ordinary cases, especially since 95% of affiliates don't amount to much.

    That said, you do have a responsibility to disclose your promotional methods, particularly if they are incentive-based. If you're running incentive traffic through an undisclosed site, that is definitely not cool.

    Further, your not disclosing your sites may be viewed as (or may actually be) subversive and if you're ever under investigation the behavior may not bode well in the big picture.

    It's definitely in your best interest to put your sites in the CJ interface and serve the correct links from the correct sites. They're just not draconian about it.

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