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    Timing of Social Promotion - important?
    is there any strategic timing involved when submitting your blog to the various social sites? should superCool post some super-fantastic entries and photos on the blog and then submit to the sites? sort of like staging a home for sale. is there a big value in making a great first impression, or is it ok to just leave the blog like it and hope for the best? superCool strives to make his blog interesting, but like anything else, there are times when it looks better than other times. superCool is just not sure if it matters when you submit to social sites. do you get any rush of views that you need to take advantage of, or do the people trickle in over time?

    thanks for any thoughts you have on this. superCool is a baby blogger .

    your friend, superCool

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    Let's say for the moment that by Social Sites you mean Twitter and Facebook.

    When you write a new post on your blog, posting a link to it on Twitter and Facebook is a great way to get people to see it. To maximize the exposure for your links, sending out that tweet at 4am when you actually wrote it may not be the best time to hit the largest number of eyeballs. To fix that I use WordPress with a plugin called Twitter Tools. The plugin will automatically send a tweet each time you publish a new post with a link directly to the post. So instead of publishing the new post immediately, you can schedule your post to be published at a specific time of the day (around lunch time when people are looking for something new to check out on the interweb is a decent time.)

    There is a plugin for Facebook that will post your tweets for you automatically as well, so you can use that to also post the link around the same time as your post/tweet.
    Eric Tyler
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