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    Hello all

    I am new in this forum so i want to introduce myself:

    I am working on promotion of websites trough SEO and links from the network of my own high-ranked websites.

    I will be glad if you may show me a place to find good sponsors who may setup their mirror sites on my own domains. This means i buy a reasonable domain name and hosting for each particular case and the sponsor gives me the pre-made website to upload on my domain name. Then i promote that domain and start receiving sales/leads for the sponsor and the sponsor counts my commisions on their side.

    So, briefly, I am looking not for banners or popups, but pre-made websites provided by sponsors and ready to upload and start selling.

    Please point me some good places to look for, and some good sponsors to work with.

    I'll appreciate any comment and suggestion

    Thanks in addvance

    If you may setup a mirror of your website on my own domain and track the leads/sales made by me, then contact me without doubt no matter what product you sell.

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    far far away....
    Welcome to ABestWeb

    you've come the the right place...

    only what you will find available hear are scripts that create websites, generic templates, datafeeds for creating websites, Product Showcase Creator to create selected pages from selected merchants...

    oh I forgot... webmerge to create static web pages from datafeeds

    one professional webmasters use mirror sites anymore...

    why would they with all these options...

    boy was that a mouth full...


    And, that's the bottom line because it's my2cents!

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    Yes, those may sound good.. but what i need is that all the process to be on my own domain .. till the last page, till the order confirmation page ..
    and this means i should have my own merchant, my own webmaster, and it means i should forward the orders to sponsor or shipp them myself .. and this becomes that i'm starting my own product saling .. and not an affiliate business ..

    but still, i'd like to be an affiliate .. and care only about promotion and not website building

    am i thinking wrong way ?

    If you may setup a mirror of your website on my own domain and track the leads/sales made by me, then contact me without doubt no matter what product you sell.

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    Come back when you can learn enough English to put together your damn website worth a bookmark. Next your name/domain will come up as another site copier. You want to be a unresponsible drop shipper, merchant spoofer and add more white noise trash to the piles already out there.

    Look up the verticles favored by the spammers, and you'll find takers for mirrored casino,MLM info peddlers and pill pushing sites.

    Mike & Charlie ...

    If they won't adopt and feed a bird ..flip them one! BBQ some Gator and remember to flush WhenU..

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    Welcome gymn249
    We sell Fine Lingerie and we use to set up mirror sites for people but as my2cents mentioned, why would you need or want to do that.

    Is it that you feel you will not have to worry about cookie experation or over-writing? A mirror site does give you total control and insures no lost sales but it is an old concept.

    The major problem is that you would need a secure certificate for your mirror site. Are you willing to provide one?

    Feel free to email me back to discuss this further.

    One thing is for sure.... you found the right place to succeed!


    Howie Goldberg
    Affiliate Manager

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    I think that gymn249 is looking for "white lable" associations with merchants.


    If you have a name in the SEO community, like markymark, merchants will make you a special deal. It's not a level playing field!

    There are merchants thatwill charge for that as well.

    Mike Mackin

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