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    This is straight from the Twilight Zone!
    So, I logged into CJ to see if I had any sales. My balance was higher since the last time I logged in, so I ran a Commission Detail report for Today. A new sale did not appear on the list. So, I thought, okay, it is probably one of those late sales from last month. So, I ran the report again, only this time I selected Posting Date Today.

    I live in Florida, so it is 12:24 AM on Saturday, June 6, here. However, the CJ clock is on the west coast, and this in confirmed at the bottom of the screen where it says: System Time: 5-Jun-2009 21:24 PDT.

    So, what do I see, but a sale posted with these dates/times:

    Event Date: 6-Jun-2009 01:25 PDT

    Posting Date: 5-Jun-2009 20:13 PDT

    Somebody cue the theme music from The Twilight Zone.

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    Maybe they dont end the day at midnight. And maybe that transaction was modded by hand and someone was trying to put the next day 6th in.

    And it looks crazy because of those two things. But that is a lot of ifs.

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    I have the same thing Tracy

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    This morning CJ is showing two sales for me from yesterday both on yesterday's sales and on today's sales. The dollar amount, merchant name, event and posting times are all the same, so I know the sales are being reported twice.

    Between that problem and yours, it appears CJ is having some issues today.
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    Something is definitely screwy. I've got a lead with an event time of 06-06-2009 11:46 PDT, and the CJ system clock only reads System Time: 06-06-2009 06:27 PDT

    On the other hand, this could be could. I'm getting credit for leads that haven't happened yet. Wooo hooooo!!!

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    Didn't you guys get the memo about CJ's fortune telling new toolbar.....

    ... hit F1 for special Twilight Zone special sound effects

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