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    Google Analytics Account
    Hi Guys,
    Hopefully this is in the right forum?
    I currently have one Google Analytics account and up until now I have been adding my client domains and managing their website stats from my own Analytics account. would it be better if each of my customers were to have their on Analytics account?
    and if so do google offer a referral scheme where I could get commision for introducing my clients?

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    I believe you can share access to reports with others in Google. I don't know if you can share per domain or share per account but it's worth looking into. And no I don't believe there is a commission. Google doesn't charge for Analytics, so there isn't anything to get a cut of.

    - Scott
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snib
    And no I don't believe there is a commission. Google doesn't charge for Analytics, so there isn't anything to get a cut of.

    - Scott
    No Commision, but if it is part of an overall plan to better the sites he is working for, he has every right to charge a handsome fee for that service.

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    thanks guys.
    Think I will start to create a google account for each of my clients and charge them for my time to manage it for them.
    i suppose if they want to start to use Adwords and Adsense then having their own Google account would make it easier to administer for each client.
    thanks for your input.

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    Also look into MCC or Master Client Center. It is a Google add on to Adwords and you get that when you start to get ready for the Adwords Certificate.

    Pretty sure you can just import their analytics if they arent doing adwords yet.

    Then you have an interface for all your clients.

    For security I recommend not using a gmail email account to manage that MCC or any Adwords account. Gmail has been repeatedly hacked with backdoors. If you want you can delegate another non gmail email later if you start to get paranoid.

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    I do believe that Google has an option for SEO firms and online marketing consultants to manage multiple clients within one paltform (account). It does cost money for this option but you could pass that on to the customer.

    I would contact Google Analytics for more information

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