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    Which metrics can be an indication of affiliate fraud?
    I am wondering which metrics can be an indication of affiliate fraud. I know we have conversion rate (higher of lower), the time between clicks and sales, more orders of one IP-address but which metrics are also an indication of affiliate fraud?

    And what is the best way to address this issue with an affiliate?

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    This is kind of like asking the police how they catch the bad guys, what they look for and what they do. I doubt any affiliate manager will come here, in an open forum, and tell everyone what makes the bad guys stand out.
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    I agree, you may want to contact Affiliate Managers and ask privately. You can also define fraud in a few ways, bad orders, stolen credit cards, stolen sales through adware, etc...
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    Just busted several, lots of sales quickly from sites that don't relate. The moral of the story was that they lost all commissions and their accounts were booted from the network. Then they were outed to other affiliate managers. We all checked in multiple networks and booted them from our programs. Now the alarm is sounded and there are records of the affiliates. If they pull the same in other networks many AM's will report and get them booted there as well.

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