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    So I goit a keyword and I have a PPC or article campaing and I have a website...
    When some hits my ad and go to the landing page should the keyword be in the title? If that is true (which I think it is) how do I satisfy all the keywords in my ad group?
    Any suggestions appreciated.

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    You can use dynamic keyword insertion. You can use that in adwords, ysm and msn adcenter. Here is an article to put it in your google ads.

    If you want to put it on your website and using YSM you can use this:

    PHP Code:

    //grab t202 keyword
    $keyword $_GET['Default Keyword'];

    //if a yahoo keyword exists, over-write the t202 keyword
    //for Yahoo OVKEY = the bidded keyword, OVRAW = actual keyword
    //you can change $_GET['OVRAW'] to $_GET['OVKEY'] if you would
    //like to display the bidded keyword, instead of the actual keyword.
    if ($_GET['OVKEY']) { $keyword $_GET['OVKEY']; }  

    //now anywhere we call echo $keyword, it will display the dynamic kw!

    //extra goodie, uncomment the line below if you would like to capitalize 
    //the first character in each word
    $keyword ucwords(strtolower($keyword)); 

    Now you can put this code
    PHP Code:
    <? echo $keyword?>
    anywhere on your website to show the keyword. This script is using prosper202 tracking because you always need to track your keywords.

    I hopes this helps

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