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    How To Request for change of address?

    I did some promotion for GAN merchants in the last few months and had few sales through my site. I was waiting for the check and when I realized that it was delayed, I checked my details in my GAN account. To my horror, I realized that my address was not complete in the address field and was somehow truncated. I checked the mails and realized that the checks were mailed to me but they never reached me since the address was not complete..

    My question is how do I request for change of address and ask for the checks to be sent again?


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    On those pages that show your address there is a note that says:
    NOTE: The following items are locked and cannot be amended. If you need to make a change to the address associated with this account, please call 1-800-404-9332 and ask for a representative from our Publisher Relations team.

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    Get in touch with GAN support

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