We know that many of you have excellent relationships in the online industry and we want to reward you for introducing suitable merchants to the Webgains USA Network. The Webgains USA Affiliate Program has been developed to reward affiliates fairly for a successful introduction.

To qualify for a successful referral, there are certain criteria you must fulfill:

* The merchant must be unknown to us. I.e. we are not already in discussions with him/her about joining Webgains USA.
* You have to make the introduction. Either you need to ask the Merchant to phone us quoting your name, or you must provide us with a contact name, personal email address of the contact, and their telephone number. In addition, you have to have a pre-existing relationship with the merchant.

The commission payable for a successful referral is 30% of the override commission payable to Webgains for the first six months of the life of the contract, starting with the signing of the contract. This will allow you to share in the success of the program, and encourage you to promote the merchant yourself and encourage your colleagues as well.

For automated referrals simply use the following link with your campaignid included:
http://us.webgains.com/contactus.html?affiliateid=XXXX where XXXX is your campaign ID.

You can find your campaign ID on the home page of your affiliate account in the ‘at a glance’ monthly statistics, see below:

If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact assistance[ at ]webgains.com.