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    Is there anyway to supplement my income? I had to face a paycut owing to the current economic crisis. So I am on the lookout for some proven business which will guarantee returns.

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    Affiliate marketing can produce income. It is not easy, instant or guaranteed and if you don't already have a site ready to monetize it can be months before your first $5. So much depends on your own experience it's impossible to say how well you would do at it.

    I think the dropout rate is somewhere in the 90% range and of those who don't outright fail, only a tiny percentage do well enough to actually replace a steady income. It all depends on your background and how hard you intend to work at it, how much time a day you can devote to it.

    If you keep looking I'm sure you will find "gurus" willing to sell you their "secrets" though. It's an expensive way to find out the above information. Good luck.

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