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    You're Probably a Computer Nerd IF!
    Thought this was funny enough to share!

    You are Probably a Computer Nerd If .......

    Your web page is far more popular than you

    Your home page is more impressive than your resume

    You've thought about getting a tattoo of the Intel logo

    You look at computer magazines instead of Playboy

    You often argue with your computer, fuss at the modem and cuss your ISP

    You talk to a woman about your hardware and don't mean anything sexual

    Your computer has more phone lines than the people in your house

    You ask a woman for her e-mail address instead of her phone number

    You think FrontPage is for whimps

    You run Windows 95, 3.1 and Unix just because you can

    You think Bill Gates is "cool"

    You spend more time on the Net than you do sleeping

    You "call in" sick to work via e-mail

    Everyone in your family has multiple e-mail addresses

    You've have a LAN set-up in your house

    Your idea of hurrying is typing faster

    You keep spare mouse pads

    You keep a spare PC just to test virus hoaxes

    You use a tape backup to save Web Sites you've visited

    You have more invested in computers than you do your kids

    You have and use every known commercial/shareware anti-virus program

    You see how far you can move the mouse w/o turning off the screen saver

    At night, you check your e-mail before you check your answering machine

    You still have original version of NetScape

    You not only us computer acronyms, you know what they're short for too

    You have a better computer system at home than at work

    The only sex you have now is on-line

    You can quote chapter and verse from various html manuals

    You're still not sure if adding graphics to the Internet was a good idea

    You don't think any of the foregoing is either funny or unusual

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    That was a hoot. Thanks for the giggle!!

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