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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> Here's how it works: the router identifies the source of an email stream and then, based on behavioral history, notes which of those streams may be coming from spammers. TurnTide then narrows the bandwidth available to those streams, meaning that spam gets blocked before entering the system. "Let me give you a conceptual analogy: we offer good, legitimate marketers a fire hose into our systems, and spammers a straw," quips TurnTide President and Chief Executive Officer Lucinda Duncalfe Holt.

    The router, formally introduced at Monday's DEMO 2004 conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, would seem to have several advantages over conventional spam filters. Most importantly to Internet marketers, it doesn't delete individual messages or block mail from specific domains. "It will eliminate false positives," Holt promises.

    The router is also immune to the tactic currently favored by spammers in response to more sophisticated email filters: namely, turning up the volume. "We have to destroy the economic model of the spammer," Holt continues. "The cost of doing business is so low that it's worth it for them to continue even if they get a .0001 percent response rate--so if the filters get better, they just send more. That won't affect [companies or individuals using the router] at all."

    Holt concedes that the router, billed by the company as a "network appliance," won't entirely stop the flow of spam. She estimates that it will halt roughly 90 percent of the overall volume, however, and suggests that users might look to filters to limit the rest. "It's not a complete solution, but I don't think there is a complete solution," she adds. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

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    I would be very skeptical of the claim that it "will eliminate false positives". That's one of the biggest problems with most spam filters, and I don't see that their solution would be any different.

    Michael Coley

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