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    advertiser needs tracking for cloaked/redirected referral urls from affiliates
    Apologies if this has been discussed in the past. I'm an advertiser and want to track the referral urls from my affiliates. it's easy for the ones who have straightforward links to me, but for the affiliates who use click-tracking redirection or cloaked links, the referral URL is useless as a tracking metric for me.

    from my understanding, browsers will only mention the LAST URL visited before landing on my page, which in this case would be the redirected URL.

    Is there a way to capture the URL visited PRIOR to the redirect?


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    Sometimes there is no referer. People click a link and then come back later through browser history or come in from an email from a friend.
    You can just ask your affiliates where they are promoting your products, but depending on the terms of your program that may or may not get useful responses. Many affiliates, especially PPC really do not want to share their campaign info with merchants for valid reasons, it is very competitive. Depending on the network they might be able to help also.

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    Well it's true sometimes there is no link in the scenarios you presented. however, when i know there was direct click and first-time conversion, the referring URLs for affiliates who use redirected, click-tracked or cloaked links only show the redirected URL.

    How can I go one level back to see the URL BEFORE the redirection occurred?

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    Contact Shareasale directly, they'll help you with this as this information is not discussed publicly to protect affiliates,merchants and networks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bookswim
    cloaked links only show the redirected URL.
    Have you tried googling that url? For example I use an outbound redirect using a link link database - to prevent other rss re-publisher from re-publishing my content with their own links - yet if you google one of my sites + /outbound/ (with our the specific click code id number in the url you could find the site and start to figure out where the clicks are from.

    However that would not help if others are using a public redirect service.

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