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    Brand new website with little traffic

    I'm completely new to the affiliate program so I have a few question before raising the affiliate program proposal during company meeting.

    First of all, does an affiliate perform well on a new website without stable traffic? Will an affiliate even consider joining such a program? or should I wait until a certain number of stable traffic is achieved?

    Second. We don't actually sell a product, instead, we're more similar to an advice/consultation service powered by our users. Meaning, anyone can become our member and create a service (Income tax, divorce lawyer, CPA, etc...) and anyone can contact this user live through VoIP to the service provider.

    Are affiliates familiar or will they try something unorthodox?

    Thanks for reading!
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    I am a little slow sometimes...

    Are you an affiliate with a new site and no traffic??
    Are you an affiliate manger trying to launch a new program??
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    It sounds like a site that offers advice like or, if you don't have much traffic at this point it's best to work on your site rather than trying to launch an affiliate program.

    A/B test design and signup forms, check conversion rates and optimize every page to convert traffic. Launching an affiliate program before you know what your conversions can/will be would result in a lot of expense and possible loss of quality affiliates that would send you traffic. If you don't convert, they stop sending traffic and you've lost future potential earnings.

    An affiliate program is best used to enhance and provide incremental sales, not as a way to drive traffic for testing purposes. The costs to you and the affiliates is simply too high.
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    knight01 is right on. Check you SEO and test the site. If you have a viable offering I think affilaites will sell the service. This leads you back to your site...they will want the site to be strong so it helps close business.

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