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    Ridegear is Unacceptable!
    According to email I received from ridegear, the company went bankrupt and the name was acquired by Cruiser Customizing around March 2009. The new ridegear will not handle refunds or returns or warranty items from the old ridegear.

    I don't think this is a company worth dealing with. ridegear website does not make it clear that there has been a change in ownership and that they take no responsibility for refunds or returns for items purchased from the "old" ridegear. You would think they would want to proudly advertise that they bought the old ridegear out of bankruptcy. Instead they seem to be keeping it quiet. Google "ridegear bankruptcy" and you will see very little. There is an announcement on the Cruiser Customizing website if you look for it.

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    Are they still associated with Avantlink? I saw an announcement for that and nothing on avantlink site now about it. Coming out of bacnkruptcy is tricky business...they may be trying to work this out. But it appears that their communication with their market needs some fixing. It emphasizes the point that even though we can think online is not customer centric, it still has a very important customer experience aspect to it. This will be intersting to watch.

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    This sounds more like a customer service complaint that anything else. Ridegear on CJ closed up shop quite some time ago.
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    We closed down Ridegear on AvantLink several months ago/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nature Boy
    This sounds more like a customer service complaint that anything else. Ridegear on CJ closed up shop quite some time ago.
    Or a newb competitor lol.
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