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    First Payment
    Hi all,
    I am very exited for I am going to receive the first payment from CJ , However I just need some instruction:

    1 The network quality team

    "If you have not received an initial payment from Commission Junction, your first payment could be delayed until the following billing cycle while our Network Quality group reviews your account to make sure your practices are in accordance with the Publisher Service Agreement and Code of Conduct." I got this reply after submiting the enquiry, can I request the angent to check whether the network quality has completed the review ?

    2 I am not US citizen, but I used an US bank account to received money, any trouble ?

    3 Tax,
    Shall I need to pay tax ? I am living in China , using a US bank account to receive money

    4 when will be the next round payout

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    1) You can try

    2) No if you have direct deposit properly setup

    3) You should not have to pay taxes I think you need to fill a certain tax document with the IRS. Now having a bank account in the US might complicate that issue you should check with an accountant (or lawyer) and/or do some online research. I recommend to play it square with the IRS if you ever intend to visit or live in the US.

    4) CJ pays once a month around the 20th. This month we would get paid on the 19th since the 20th is Saturday.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks delsol!
    Really apprciated for your detail reply.

    I will call the CJ representative tonight to get the answer. Laster time they told me that I just need to make some claim when I set a USA post box to received the check.

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    A bit more on the tax issue:

    Money earned in the US is taxable in the US. While the US cannot enforce the requirement to file a US return or to obtain payment from a citizen and resident of China, if you do not file and pay US income tax on your earnings, after a year or two, the IRS will send notice to the companies that pay you and which have submitted 1099 forms to the IRS telling them that they have paid you in the past, to imposed withholding tax on all future earnings. Thus, future payments will have around 30% deducted from them and turned over to the IRS.

    If you do then file returns and show limited income and/or sufficient legal deductions, you may well be able to receive refunds of all or part of the funds that were withheld.

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    It is come to my mind that it seem lots of google adsences publisher should pay e tax.

    What is more, some business such as, ebay cross country seller, wow gold seller should also pay the tax.


    Anyway, thank you for your infomation, AffiliateHound.

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    International tax is a specialty unto itself. This is generally how the IRS works.

    1st question is citizenship. If you are a US citizen, the IRS taxes worldwide income. If you are not a US citizen, the IRS taxes income “sourced” in the US.

    2nd question is residence. If you are a foreign national living in the US, you are taxed on your worldwide income. If you are not a resident of the US, you are taxed on income “sourced” in the US. Residency is usually determined by physical presence with the intention of remaining in the US for a period of time or indefinitely. In other words, coming to the US for a 2 week vacation with no intention to stay beyond that time will not generally establish residency. A US bank account will not establish residency.

    As a general rule, amounts paid by US companies generate income sourced to the US. However, you also have to look at whether the income is for personal services or if the income is effectively connected to a trade or business.

    Income from personal services is sourced to where the services are performed.

    If the income is effectively connected to a trade or business, then income and related expenses are allocated to the US. The test for whether the income is effectively connected to a trade or business is a facts and circumstances test. Activity that is considerable, continuous and a regular course of activity by the taxpayer is usually effectively connected trade or business income.

    Here is an IRS publication that talks about Nonresident Alien income tax treatment.

    When you established your account with CJ and the bank, they probably requested an IRS taxpayer ID number. This number is used to report income to the IRS. If tax returns are not filed for this number reflecting the income reported, then the IRS will notify CJ to withhold. The rate is about 30%.

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