I'm so behind the times. Every day I visit websites and see those little tiny icons encouraging people to share the information on the page via Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. Today I decided it was time to add those little buttons on the pages of my website, and of course, I came here to see what people recommended. So I searched the posts here to see if anybody had already recommended one method over another.

I found this thread, Need WP plugin for social bookmarking, about AddThis vs. ShareThis. At the end it became obvious that ShareThis is preferable to AddThis if you want to get stats as to how many times people actually click on the buttons from your site. Also good thread for learning that you need to register before grabbing the code and adding it to your site.

I found this thread, Social bookmarking tools, which was more about how people bookmarked pages themselves rather than offering bookmarking tools on their site. But, somebody there mentioned a site called SocialMarker, which does offer a script to add to your site.

Finally, I searched the Internet and came across a blog that instructs you how to add Social Bookmark Scripts & Widgets to your site.

I think I would prefer to use a site like ShareThis so that I will have access to the statistics of how often the tool is used on my site. Is there a downside to using ShareThis?

Before I go through the process of adding this to all of my pages, I thought I'd ask if anybody here knows of any other methods of doing this. Suggestions? Recommendations? Good or bad experiences?